Everything You Need To Know About Smokers

Smokers - The Pro's, Con's And Whether They're Right For You

I don't know about you, but I will get out of bed for smoked meat. Fish, chicken, red meat, cheese - doesn't really matter what it is, I absolutely love it!

The problem is that it can be hard to find and when you do it, the good stuff can put a dent in the family budget that's hard to justify to those that aren't into it.

So, to my mind, the best thing to do is make your own!  On this page we'll look at the different types of smokers and identify traps for those people just starting out.

One of the great things I like about smoking is that I can plan it around those days I know I'm going to be home. So when the V8 Supercars are racing or I've decided to have a sit down and watch a couple of old movies day I usually manage to get some smoking in as well.


Weber Weber "bullet" smoker - approx $500 in Australia
  • Smokers come in a range of sizes and forms to suit any budget with costs ranging from around $30 for a small, portable model up to around $5,000 for a commercial smoke oven.
  • The taste - as I said above, I just love the taste of smoked food. There is an infinite range of flavours to play with using different combinations of brining, rubs and wood types
  • Smoking your own is significantly cheaper than buying the smoked product and you have complete control over the result. Many mass produced products have nitrate preservatives and artificial colouring which don't need to be there and are not good for your body, particularly the nitrates 


  • With the exception of the portable fish smoker, smoking will take 3-18 hours depending on the meat type and size, and the type of smoker being used
  • You do need to keep checking the temperature throughout the process - you can't set it up and then go out for the day


Approx $30 in AustraliaApprox $30 in Australia
  • If you have the interest, I thoroughly recommend you try it - check out the smoking page for basic techniques
  • Start out small if you're unsure - the smoking page shows you how to use a portable smoker, or adapt a kettle BBQ, for entry level smoking techniques
  • For anything larger than the portable fish smoker, make sure you have an accurate oven thermometer available - temperature control is the primary control factor in any smoking