Glazing Foods - The Easy Way

The Easy Step-By-Step Method To Improving The Flavour Of Your BBQ Meats

Glazes almost always contain a significant amount of sugar and because of this will always burn quite easily. As a result you have 2 options for using them;

  • apply them while cooking with a very low or indirect heat, such as you would in a kettle BBQ or a barrel BBQ/smoker; or,

  • if cooking with a high or direct heat, only apply the glaze near the end of the cooking so that the glaze is not exposed to the heat long enough to burn.

The goals of using a glaze are;

  • to put a different flavour on the outside of the meat,

  • get some caramelisation of the sugars in the glaze which will provide an element of crunch to the texture,

  • get that really nice glossy sheen to the meat, which is also a result of the caramelisation of the sugars

Now, you need to keep in mind that the glaze is not going to penetrate past the surface of the meat to flavour the meat. The flavour and texture tend to serve as a counterpoint, or contrast, to the existing flavour of the meat.

Now, that all sounds deep and philosophical but what does it mean to you ?

Well, to make the best use of a glaze, I recommend you use them in conjunction with a brine or marinade and make your glaze of a completely different flavour to the brine/marinade.

Examples ?, Sure;

  • use a beer marinade/brine and a herb flavoured glaze

  • with a herb flavoured marinade/brine try a spicy glaze

  • play around with more ideas of your own !

When using a glaze it is best to apply it warm rather than using it cold, particularly if it's just come out of the fridge. By using it warm you will achieve faster caramelisation and avoid affecting the cooking process of the meat. The easiest way to use warm glaze is to simply keep it in a small saucepan somewhere in the edge of your BBQ and use a basting brush to apply it.